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20 things to do with free time

In light of everything that is happening with the coronavirus, many people are self-isolating. If you are in this situation, first of all thank you for being selfless enough to protect others by slowing down the the spread of the disease. And second, chances are you have more free time now. So today I am sharing with you different things that you can do when you have more time on your hands. Also, it’s a hard time for everyone right now so be kind and spread some positivity.

Taking time for yourself

Sometimes life can be a lot. And when that happens, you can feel overwhelmed and any small thing that wouldn’t normally be an issue seems like the biggest problem humanity has ever faced. When that happens, it’s usually a sign that you need to take a break. So listen to your body and if you feel like you need a break, take some time for yourself. Whether it’s just for an hour or an entire weekend, your body and mind will thank you. So here’s a few tips I have when you need a break from things.

10 tips for uni hand-ins and exams

We have all, at one point in our lives, been a student. Whether you’re in school, in college or university, being a student is hard work. It can be quite stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. So having gone through 5 uni semesters, here are a few things that have helped – and still are helping – me navigate this stressful part of student life that is exams and hand-ins.

Dating in your 20s

Dating is hard. Especially nowadays, people just don’t meet the same way they used to. I feel like 50 years ago, people met so easily, got married and stayed together for their whole lives. I might have watched too many movies. But anyway, you would think that the rise of social media and online dating apps would make it easier to meet people – however, it’s actually made it harder.

Getting help for mental health

Asking for help is not easy. It involves you having to understand and accept that you can’t do this alone. But guess what? No one can do it all by themselves. And although reaching out is scary and makes it real, it will benefit you so much. So don’t suffer in silence. This week I’m sharing a few things you can do to help you on your journey with mental health. This is based on my experience so please take everything with a grain of salt and get professional advice too!

Staying motivated

Happy February! Because it has been a couple of weeks since you have set your goals and intentions for 2020, I think it’s time to check in with yourself and see how you’re doing. It’s not easy to stay motivated and to continue working towards your goals. It takes time and work to achieve anything. So in honour of us sticking to our goals this year, I’ve compiled a list of things to help you stay motivated and reach all your goals.

Looking for an internship

Finding an internship can be difficult. It’s often very competitive and not all companies readily accept interns. I had my first internship when I was 16. It was part of my school curriculum to do a 3-week internship. It is, unfortunately, the only one I’ve had since. As I’m sure you have too, I’ve applied to many companies since, but it was never successful. I have picked up a few things on that journey that I’d like to share with you, mostly things I learned from my mistakes. Whatever your situation is, whether you’re still in school or uni, internships are something many of us will have to go through at one point in our lives. So keep on reading to find out what to do when you’re looking for an internship!

Eating healthier

Most of us try to develop healthier eating habits at the beginning of the year. Chances are you’ve spent Christmas overeating – and doing so for the weird time between Christmas and New Year where you forget what day it is or what your name even is. Trying to eat a more balanced diet is good, it’s healthier. But, as with most healthy things I find, it can be difficult to achieve.

Setting your goals for 2020

I am determined to set and achieve my goals this year. If you want to do the same, to become a better version of yourself, to achieve things, it’s important to keep working on that all year long. Let’s not be those people that sign up for something in January and give it up by the third week of the year. I’m going to share with you a few things that I am (planning on) doing differently this time in order to keep that motivation and actually achieve the goals I set for myself.

Christmas on a budget

Christmas is about so much more than how many decorations you have or how big your turkey is. Depending on your situation and where you celebrate, different things might be accessible to you. So instead of focusing on what money can buy, here are a few tips on how to spend an amazing holiday on a budget.

Working in retail

I’ve been working in retail for almost 2 years now and with the Christmas season being the busiest time of year, it felt appropriate to write this blog post. Retail, for, englobes any job where you have direct, face-to-face contact with customers. So whether you’re working in M&S, Asda, Tesco, McDonald’s, Costa, PetsAtHome, H&M, your local shop or anywhere you have to deal with customers, I hope you enjoy this post and remember, we’re all in this (Christmas season) together.

Feeling lonely

We all have times where we feel lonely. Some days, weeks, months are worse than others, and it can take time and effort to not feel so anymore. That was me about a year ago. I felt terrible, alone and like there was nothing I could do. However, there’s so many things that you can do to feel better and focus on the things you have. It took me a few months and I’m still figuring things out, but I’m hoping that if you’re in a tough place and feel very alone, these tips can help you the way they helped me.

Dealing with anxiety

Unless you’ve experienced anxiety, it’s hard to understand just how awful and out of control you can feel. Imagine being put in front of your biggest fear, but not being able to leave. When you get anxious, you can’t control your thoughts and you can’t outrun them because they’re in your head at all times. There are however things that you can do to help either prevent anxiety attacks or at least learn how to not let it control your life as much. I’ve really just started my journey with anxiety but I’ve learned a few things from people around me that I hope will help you too.

Getting new glasses

If you are a fellow wearer of spectacles, you are probably familiar with many things that will be mentioned in this post. If you are lucky enough to be part of the population that doesn’t need glasses – or think they don’t – then keep on reading because chances are you won’t have 20/20 vision forever!

Surviving winter

Winter is here. At least in Scotland. It has gotten freezing suddenly and I don’t think that anyone is ready to accept the cold, dark winter days yet. Well, I’m not at least. But thanks to the crazy snowstorm we had in Scotland when I moved here in 2017, I’ve learned a few things to survive the cold. So whether you prefer the summer or get cold easily, I hope these tips will help you feel better prepared against the winter weather!

Starting my IBS journey

IBS is a common condition that affects almost 1 in 5 people – including me. I’ve always had digestive issues, but I never thought anything of it. I just assumed that everyone dealt with it better than I did. Although the symptoms weren’t sudden and have always been a part of my life, getting the diagnosis has hugely impacted my life. It’s scary when you lose control of your body just because you’re fulfilling a basic human need: eating.

Making the most of your commute

A lot of people commute, whether it be for work, for school, on a weekly or a daily basis. In fact, commuting almost goes hand-in-hand with a new job or course. If you’re travelling during peak times, it can be torture. So in light of my new gained experience as a “commuter”, I thought I’d share a few tips to make your journey more enjoyable, productive and less stressful.

Being sick

As I’m writing this, I have gone through more packs of tissues than I can count and have overall just been feeling very shit. So in light of the situation, I thought I could share with you some things that you can – and should – do when you are ill. This post is not going to be very long unfortunately, but if you do happen to be sick in the future and are looking for some tips, I’m sure you’ll be grateful it isn’t!

Drinking tea

I am not going to make this post about why tea is amazing and how, if you don’t drink it regularly, you are missing out. I’m going to present you my favourite tea brands and types of teas as well as what they’re good for – from a sore throat to a way of pulling an all nighter. This post is very light-hearted and supposed to be fun. If you love tea, it’ll be a way for you to maybe discover new kinds. I would love to know if you try any of these teas out and, if you do, let me know what you think!

Making a home away from home

I moved away from home, to a different country, when I was 18. It was definitely a big change and it has taught me a lot. And in celebration of starting uni (for the second time lol), I thought I would share the few things that I have found made it a little easier to be far away from home.

Book recommendations

Have you ever read a book that kept you at night? Your eyes would literally be closing but you just had to know what was going to happen next? Most of us have read books that have had a lasting effect on our lives. But for those of you that haven’t – or that would love to find a new book like that – I’ve decided to dedicate this post to book recommendations.

Taking care of yourself

“Self-care is a priority and necessity – not a luxury!” You cannot function properly if you don’t take time for yourself and recharge. A dead battery has never helped anyone!

Friendships in your 20s

There’s a reason that “Friends” is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. We’ve all at least had one friend in our life time. Some are new, some go back years, some feel like family. Friends are amazing so this is why I’m dedicating my post to them. When you are in your 20s, some friendship dynamics change and you might find yourself growing distant or closer to some. Friendships can be tough, but I’ve shared a few things here about different types of friends you could have and how to deal with difficult situations.

Living on a budget

Saving up money and cutting costs here and there isn’t easy. Especially when you’re used to or enjoy spending money on things you enjoy. I know it was quite the adjustment for me. So here are a few things that have helped me keep my bank account balance higher. If you’re wanting to buy a flat, are moving to university or are just low on money, keep on reading!

Using social media better

Social media was made to connect people, yet loneliness has never affected so many of us. People feel rejected, left out and jealous. This is creating a lot of negativity online because some decide to share their sadness by attacking others. I think social media is great, but there are steps you should take in order to use it in the best possible way, and to protect yourself from other people’s shit. If you want to create a healthier relationship with your social media, keep on reading!

Being more sustainable

Although it might seem scary and impossible to go completely zero-waste or raw vegan for the sake of the planet, implementing a few things here and there can make a big difference. So if you’re wanting to do your part for the environment but don’t even know where to begin or if you’ve never really thought about all of this, keep on reading!

Loving yourself

“You have to love yourself before you can love someone else” – this is a quote most of us have heard at least once in our lives. Whether or not you agree with this statement is your choice, however one part of it is undeniable: you should love yourself. So I decided to share a few things to help you accept and love yourself just the way you are.

Finding a job

Job hunting is painful yet necessary, and it’s especially hard when you are looking for your first job and don’t any/much experience which most employers require nowadays. So I’m going to share a couple of things that could be helpful, or at the very least make you feel slightly less alone if, like me, you are desperately looking for a job.

Having a productive day at home

Whether you want the satisfaction of ticking all the items off your to-do list, you want to figure out how to fit a lot of things into one day off or you just want to stop feeling like you’re wasting your life away, keep on reading. I’m going to try and give you some things I have found helpful to make me more productive.

Getting into shape

This is by no means a guide to getting “shredded”, as I have heard people say. This post is about finding what works for you and little things that I have implemented into my daily life that has really changed things for the better.

Studying Fashion

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the world of fashion. Until I started studying fashion design at uni in 2017, I was pretty oblivious to a lot of it myself. So even though I am stopping after two years to pursue a different course, I thought I would give you my honest experience on what studying fashion is really like.

Self-help books and podcasts

This is a guide to a few of the books and podcasts that have helped me and that I’ve enjoyed. You can use this list as a guide and as a starting point for finding your favourites!

Changing University

Going to university is very exciting. Finally we can leave school and pursue studies in a subject that actually interests us! But choosing the course we want to do is hard. And sometimes, although we think we made the right choice, we realise that maybe we should have went with something else.

The journey begins

Hi there! My name is Maeve and I am a twenty-year-old student trying to navigate through life and university. Hopefully you will find some relatable posts that will help you through the struggles we all face.