Having your period

Periods can be a nuisance. From PMS to staining your favourite underwear to having awful cramps, this monthly phenomenon affects many people. Go easy on the person who is on their period - whether that's someone you care about or yourself. Your body is going through a lot so take it easy. And get someone to bring you chocolate. It always helps.

My top 10 posts

Retable Sunday is 1 year old! I can't even believe that I am writing this. What started as a way to fill my days while looking for a job has now become a hobby that has taught me a lot and helped me seize incredible opportunities. I will dedicate the next post to my journey and what I have learned since I have started blogging. But until then, here is a list of my most-read and popular blogs. I hope you will enjoy (re-)reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

15 Cooking tips

Cooking is an art. I have always struggled with it and it's been even harder since being diagnosed with IBS which has forced me to cook from scratch more. Thankfully, my flatmate is an amazing cook so she has taught me a few tips and tricks. With the current quarantine, many of us are forced to cook at home more because most restaurants are closed. There is no better time to learn how to cook!

Feeling at a loss

Everyone feels at a loss every once in a while, especially when big events happen or big decisions have to be made. How are we supposed to stay sane and move towards our goals when everything that we normally do, everything that defines us, can’t be done? It’s in times like these that it is especially important for you to reflect on yourself and on your life, figure out what you really want and what you should probably stop spending your precious energy on. Here is a list of things that I have found helpful during this lockdown when I’m feeling lost or overwhelmed. I hope that these will help you too.

Self-help books and podcasts 2

Working on yourself is a life-long journey. Every experience you live, every person you meet and every new day is a chance for you to grow. Especially with the times we are going through right now, chances are you either have more spare time than usual or you could probably need some positivity in your life. I read this lovely quote in Good Vibes, Good Life: "Self-love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better, and then working towards it." I think we should all work towards that. So here are a few great self-development books and podcasts for you to enjoy!

Coping with the lockdown

It's a weird and hard time for us all. Most of us have never gone through anything like this. Pretty much everything is closed, the streets are deserted, there are queues to get into supermarkets, many shelves are bare... You might be nervous or even anxious about everything that's happening, and that is perfectly normal. But there are ways to stay sane while you are mostly stuck inside. So here are a few tips to help you make your time on lockdown a little easier.

Taking time for yourself

Sometimes life can be a lot. And when that happens, you can feel overwhelmed and any small thing that wouldn't normally be an issue seems like the biggest problem humanity has ever faced. When that happens, it's usually a sign that you need to take a break. So listen to your body and if you feel like you need a break, take some time for yourself. Whether it's just for an hour or an entire weekend, your body and mind will thank you. So here's a few tips I have when you need a break from things.