My top 10 posts

Retable Sunday is 1 year old! I can’t even believe that I am writing this. What started as a way to fill my days while looking for a job has now become a hobby that has taught me a lot and helped me seize incredible opportunities. I will dedicate the next post to my journey and what I have learned since I have started blogging. But until then, here is a list of my most-read and popular blogs. I hope you will enjoy (re-)reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Here’s a photo of me 1 year ago – cheers!

10. Getting help for mental health

This is an extremely important post for me, and I am really glad that it made it onto this list. For about half a year now, I have been dealing with crippling anxiety due to my IBS – to the point where it has made it impossible for me to attend class or feel comfortable watching a movie in the cinema. So many of us struggle with our mental health, but only few will go out and seek help. So here’s advice on how to do just that. I hope it helps and please know that you can always DM me on Instagram (@relatablesunday).

9. Friendships in your 20s

Everyone will experience different kinds of friendships in their lives. So here’s a moment of appreciation for all of these friendships and what they teach you in life.

8. 20 music recommendations

Music is a huge part of my life. I do not know a single person that doesn’t listen to music. So here’s a list of various artists of many genres for you to listen to!

7. Being more sustainable

To this day, this is one of my favourite posts I have ever written. It’s a long one, with loads of easy and useful information. So make yourself a snack or a cuppa and enjoy!

6. Feeling lonely

This was one of my most vulnerable posts I have ever wrote. I have dealt with feelings of loneliness pretty much my entire life and have found that these things help. I hope they help you too and, once again, do not hesitate to reach out.

5. Making a home away from home

Everyone will experience moving away from home at one point in their lives. Here’s what I found made the transition easier after moving from Germany to Scotland for university. It’s lovely to go home to visit your family, but there is no better feeling than coming back to your home.

4. Starting my IBS journey

IBS has been a huge part of my life since October 2019 and it’s not been easy. So this post is to help anyone out who is either dealing with it (or other gastrointestinal issues) or who wants to understand this condition better, to help a loved one for example.

3. Toxic friendships

This post ended up being very popular, which I think highlights just how much shit we put up with. It’s so important to know who in your life might not be doing you any good, and how you can address these issues. I have dealt with quite a few of these in my life so I hope that these tips will help you the way they helped me.

2. Dating in your 20s

The title says it all. My dating life is a shitshow; however, I am that one eternally single friend that has some solid advice to give.

1. Dealing with anxiety

My most vulnerable post, which also happens to be the most read one on my blog. Learning to deal with my anxiety has been a journey – and it still is. It’s difficult, it sucks, but you are not alone. I hope that this will help you or at least make you feel a little less alone.

So here it is, my 10 most-read posts. Please let me know what your favourite one is – even if it’s not mentioned here! Thank you so much for supporting my blog by reading it, it means the world to me. And a huge thank you to those who have been there since the beginning – you know who you are.

Yours truly,


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