20 music recommendations

Music is such an important of many people’s lives. Especially during difficult times, music can be an escape for us. So I’ve decided to ask a few of my friends what artists they would recommend. Share your own recommendations in the comments below or on my Instagram (@relatablesunday). There are loads of different styles on this list so you are bound to find something new to listen to. Now put in your headphones or turn on your speakers and blast your favourite new tunes!

Julia Michaels

Pop and Dance music – Julia Michaels is a great songwriter. She wrote songs for many different artists before starting her own singing career with hits such as “Issues” and “Heaven”. My flatmate has been listening to “Inner Monologue Part 2” on repeat – very loudly, thanks Karolina. If you like uplifting music with a deeper meaning, definitely give her a listen.

Meghan Trainor

Pop and R&B – Meghan Trainor’s story is quite similar to Julia Michaels’ in the sense that she also started out as a songwriter. I have been a huge fan of Meghan Trainor since she came out with “All About that Bass”. Her songs are very inspirational, especially if you could do with more self-confidence. Her latest album “Treat Myself” is all about self love and being kinder to yourself with my favourites being “Babygirl” and “Workin’ On It”. “Nice to Meet Ya” is also an amazing power anthem for all girls out there!

Niall Horan

Pop rock – You have surely heard of this charming Irish lad from his days as a member of One Direction. After announcing their hiatus a couple of years ago, they each started working on their solo careers. And Niall Horan did not disappoint. You can hear the Bruce Springsteen influence in his album “Flicker” especially. If you enjoy good music and accoustics, you will like this!

Shawn Mendes

Pop rock – I have a friend that hadn’t heard of Shawn Mendes before we met, but unless you’ve been living under a rock like him (shoutout to Murdo) you will have heard of Shawn Mendes. His latest, self-titled album, is amazing. It’s a mix of many different genres because, as he explained, it’s very rare nowadays to find someone who listens to one single genre only. So whatever mood you’re in, you’ll find a song to listen to. I also find that you can clearly hear who inspired each song (Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, etc). His previous album “Illuminate” also has some beautiful songs on it. My favourite is “Don’t Be A Fool”. If you enjoy the guitar, I think you will enjoy his music.

Camila Cabello

Pop and R&B – I have to admit, I wasn’t always a Camila Cabello fan. That is, until “Romance” came out. It’s a collection of beautiful songs about love and all that comes with it. The song “First Man”, which is about her dad, brings tears to my eyes everytime. Her latino roots are ever present in this album and make it great to dance to!

Demi Lovato

Pop rock and R&B – The former Disney star has definitely come a long way since her days on Camp Rock and Sunny with a Chance. Her powerful voice makes her stand out in the best possible way. I think she’s one of the few extremely talented singers out there. Her album “Tell Me You Love Me” has some particularly heartfelt songs on it. She’s also a strong advocate for girl-power and self-love. Her latest song “I Love Me” has a message we should all listen to. Her songs are the best to sing under the shower, when you think you sound like Whitney Houston!

J. Cole

Hip hop – My brother suggested J. Cole and although I haven’t listened to him, my brother has great taste in music (you’re welcome, bro). So take his word for it!

Billie Eilish

Indie pop – The 18-year-old is known for her out-there songs. Whether or not you’re a fan of indie pop, Billie Eilish has a stunning voice. Her song “Ocean Eyes” is absolutely breath-taking. And you won’t be able to stand still while listening to “Bad Guy”! She’s also really entertaining so watch her interviews if you’re bored.

The Struts

Glam rock – A good friend of mine recommended this band, they’re her favourite. Once again, I believe she has good taste so just take her word for it. Thanks again for all your suggestions, Nichaela!


Pop rock – I don’t need to explain this one. If you’ve not watched Mamma Mia, stop reading and go watch it right now!

Walking On Cars

Indie pop – Another suggestion I haven’t listened to, but they’re Irish so they’ve got to be good!

José González

Indie folk – The Argentinian-Swedish songwriter’s album “Vestiges and Claws”, I’ve been told, is very laid-back and will help you relax during the quarantine!


Punk rock – I grew up listening to “All The Small Things” and have been told that their whole album, “Enema of the State” is really good. Fun fact, this album came out the day I turned 6 months old – don’t know why I thought you’d want to know that. Anyway, listen to “All The Small Things” and remember that, until a few years ago, I thought they sang “work socks” instead of “work sucks”!

Green Day

Punk rock – I’m sure that you know at least one Green Day song. Do “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” or “Wake Me up When September Ends” ring a bell? Their instrument solos are incredible. If you’re new to them, listen to their album “American Idiot”. If you’re somewhat familiar with them, one of my close friend, who is a very talented guitar player himself, really enjoys their album “Dookie” (thanks Joel)!

The Front Bottoms

Folk punk – The Front Bottoms’ self-titled album I’ve been told is brilliant, and it’s got some very good ratings!


Rock – This rock band has been making music since the 1980’s. In 2019, Radiohead were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so I don’t know what else I could tell you other than go check them out because they seem to be very good!

Queens of the Stone Age

Hard rock – I can imagine that Queens of the Stone Age have some insane instrument solos, so if you play the guitar I think you should listen to them.

Kelly Clarkson

Pop rock – Kelly Clarkson is amazing. Her vocals are incredible and she’s got some songs that you just have to blast on your speaker. Not even kidding, just as I was writing this sentence, “My Life Would Suck Without You” started playing. If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is!

The Greatest Showman Reimagined

Ok, this isn’t technically an artist, but it is a collection of amazing artists including Kelly Clarkson, Panic! At The Disco, P!nk, Ty Dolla $ign, James Arthur and many more. The songs from the movie are beautiful and some of my favourite. This reimagined version gives them a new sound that is probably more suitable to listen to when you’re not watching the movie. I highly recommend watching the movie too, it’s got an incredibly talented cast and the musical numbers are amazing!


Again, this isn’t an album. It is also very personal to you. There’s nothing more fun than listening to songs that you used to love growing up or at least a couple of years ago. You will also be amazed how, although you forget everything, you can perfectly remember lyrics from a song you haven’t listened to in 7 years! You can look for throwback playlists on Spotify or listen to your favourite artists’ old albums.

So here we have it, a list of 20 artists you can listen to during this quarantine! Thanks again to everyone whose suggestions helped me write this post! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

Yours truly,


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