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Working on yourself is a life-long journey. Every experience you live, every person you meet and every new day is a chance for you to grow. Especially with the times we are going through right now, chances are you either have more spare time than usual or you could probably need some positivity in your life. I read this lovely quote in Good Vibes, Good Life: “Self-love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better, and then working towards it.” I think we should all work towards that. So here are a few great self-development books and podcasts for you to enjoy!

If you want more, check out my first post on self-help books and podcasts as well as my list of book recommendations!


Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness – Vex King

I’ve only started reading this book a few days ago and it’s amazing. The book is easy to read and goes over many different scenarios, so you’re bound to find something that you can relate to. Good Vibes, Good Life is all about having a positive mindset and how shifting your beliefs can help you live your best life. Whether or not you believe in Manifestation, being more positive benefits us and everyone around us.

The Stress Solution – Rangan Chatterjee

I’ve seen this book at my nan’s house and she recommended it to me, to help with my anxiety. Although I have not yet come around to reading it, I have read great reviews for this book, and I also trust my nan’s judgement! Dr Rangan Chatterjee gives you easy-to-follow steps to improve your health and everyday life, mainly when it comes to your body, mind, relationships and purpose. A must-read in the situation we are currently going through.

The F Word: A Personal Exploration of Modern Female Friendship – Lily Pebbles

This book has got to be one of my favourites. I read it over the summer and loved every part of it. What Lily writes is relatable, heart-warming and also real. She goes over all the different friendships women develop in their life, and how these play a part in shaping them. She gives some helpful advice on how to navigate each of them, even the ones that are toxic and lost. If you are a woman, you must read this book. And if you are a man, I still think this book will help you understand how female friendships and relationships work. Apart from all that, it’s full of fun anecdotes that everyone can relate to.

Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World – Melanie Murphy

Another book that is on my to-read pile. You might know Melanie from her Youtube channel. And if you don’t, she’s a hilarious Irish Youtuber and author that you should definitely follow. My flatmate read this book and can’t recommend it enough. Melanie shares many stories from her life, covering a wide range of topics, and what she has learned from them. Her down-to-earth and honest personality makes this book a great read. And I love her Youtube videos so much, definitely check out her page!

F*ck No! How to Stop Saying Yes When You Can’t, You Shouldn’t, Or You Just Don’t Want To – Sarah Knight

I was gifted this book for Christmas by my best friend’s sister and it has been one of the best presents I ever received. Sarah’s no-bullshit attitude makes this book quite funny and also straight-to-the-point. There is so much advice in this book, with expressions you can use to say no in pretty much any situation and, more importantly, how you can say no without feeling bad! If you’re prone to saying yes too much, read this book. She also has other books in her collection that I have been told are really good and which you might have heard of (The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**kGet Your Sh*t Together and Calm the F**k Down among others)!


Nobody Panic

If you have read my first post on self-help books and podcasts, Nobody Panic is the sequel to The Debrief Podcast. Tessa and Stevie are still giving amazing advice and have one of the funniest, most down-to-earth podcasts you’ll ever listen to. They discuss so many topics that you are bound to find some that will benefit you and suit your situation. All the struggles that you go through while trying to navigate adulthood and life have been discussed on this show, and if they haven’t, you can always email or tweet the girls and they might just make an episode on it!

Unsolicited Advice

I recently discovered this podcast and love it. Ashley and Taryne respond to listeners’ emails and discuss all kinds of things while trying to give advice based on their own experience. They’re lovely, hilarious and it feels like listening to your two older sisters. Ashley also has a Youtube channel (Ashley Nichole) which I think is so underrated!

Deeper with the Dolan Twins

You might have heard from the Dolan Twins from Vine or Youtube. Although they’re young, they have been through a lot in their lives. In their relaxed conversations together with one of their friends and producers, Ryan, they share experiences and advice. It’s quite laid back and a nice way to escape what’s going on in the world while getting some interesting insights.

The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

I haven’t yet listened to this podcast but I follow Kimberley on Instagram and she’s so inspiring. She also is a huge advocate for Manifestation but, once again, you don’t have to believe in Manifestation. She’s inspiring nonetheless and her positive vibes are good for anyone to listen to. Follow her Instagram for lovely, mindful posts. Kimberley’s also got her own company with E-books if you want to delve deeper into Manifestation.

So here we have it, a list of self-help books and podcasts for you to enjoy during the quaratine – and at any other time! Check out my two other posts linked in the introduction for more book and podcast recommendations. I wish you a happy Easter Sunday and hope to see you again soon! Until then, stay safe.

Yours truly,


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