Getting new glasses

If you are a fellow wearer of spectacles, you are probably familiar with many things that will be mentioned in this post. If you are lucky enough to be part of the population that doesn’t need glasses – or think they don’t – then keep on reading because chances are you won’t have 20/20 vision forever!

People who wear glasses either have to have them on their nose 24/7, so as not to walk into things, or wear them when reading, watching TV or driving. However often you wear glasses, choosing the right pair for you is very important as you usually only get your prescription renewed every 2 years. Having had to go through this whole process again recently, I decided to share a few tips on how to make buying new glasses easier and less of a pain!

The right optician

This is hands down going to be the most important decision you will have to make when it comes to getting new glasses. The biggest question is whether you should go to an independent or chain optician (Boots, Specsavers, etc). In my humble opinion, I suggest going to an independent optician. They aren’t big companies wanting to attract many customers and make profit. So far, all the experiences I’ve had with these small opticians have been great.

I have prisms in my glasses because my eyes don’t look on the same level (imagine a chameleon, lol) so my prescriptions are usually quite complicated. I went to a chain optician and was given a very poor eye test. They were also trying to sell me a frame that I did not want. I ended up buying a frame and getting my glasses done from an indepedent optician, with the prescription I had gotten. To no ones surprise, the glasses were not at all suitable and my double vision was worsened. I went back to the chain optician, was basically given what my old prescription was and once again, waited two weeks for nothing. I ended up getting my eyes tested again by the independent optician.

Long story short, it took 6 weeks, almost £250, probably 10 visits to opticians, to finally get my pair of glasses. And honestly, the independent optician – my new optician – spent so much time on my case and is the only reason I’m now able to see properly again. I was so grateful that I bought her and her team a box of chocolates. All I’m saying is, you have better chances of getting a thorough, personal eye test with an independent optician because they will (normally) spend more time on getting to know you and your health to give you the right prescription.


The frames are the second most important decision you will make when it comes to your new glasses. Especially if you have to wear them all the time, like me! Frames come in all shapes, sizes, colours, brands and price ranges. Another point for independent opticians was that they had much better prices than the chain optician – we’re talking over £100 difference. My biggest tip when it comes to getting new frames is bringing someone with you. Ideally someone who knows you and your style well, and if they’ve got good style themselves, you know you’ll be in safe hands.

Also, try on the frames bare-faced. That’s right, no mascara, no foundation, no lipstick, nothing. You want glasses that are going to look good on you even when you’re not at your freshest. So rock up to your optician in true “#iwokeuplikethis” fashion. You’ll thank me later.


Depending on what eye problems your glasses are made to fix, your lenses will be more or less expensive. Depending on where you get your glasses, you might get a deal on buying new frames with your lenses. Don’t be afraid to go to different places to ask for prices. Although I got my prescription from one place, I got them done elsewhere. This can get slightly complicated, especially if there are problems with the glasses later on. The easiest would be to get everything done in the same place, but if you don’t like the frames in the place that has better prices, get frames elsewhere! There are also places that sell frames and that can get your lenses done for you. They aren’t opticians though, so you do have to get your eyes tested by one first.

New glasses

When you finally get that call to let you know that your glasses are ready and you excitedly go pick them up, don’t rush your trial of them. Glasses are one of those things that need to be (almost) perfect. They can easily give you headaches or make your eyes tired if they aren’t right, even if you don’t wear them regularly. If something isn’t right, go back to your optician so you can figure out what has to be changed. Also, if you feel like your optician isn’t providing you with good enough service or care, go see a different optician. I’m glad I did.

Flaunt them

Once you’ve got your new glasses, you’re happy with the frames and they are comfortable on your nose and around your ears – who else gets pain at the back of their ears?? – go flaunt them! Enjoy being able to see more clearly and feeling like you’ve had a makeover. You look fabulous so go do your thing and own your new glasses!

So here we have it, a short post about getting new glasses. I hope it will be helpful to some of you. If you want to share any tips of your own or ask questions, comment down below! You can also follow me on Instagram (@relatablesunday) and comment on a post or send me a message. The weather here has been quite atrocious and the rain has not been glass-wearer-friendly, so if you can invent mini windshield-style wipers for glasses, please send me some. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely week and achieve all the things that are on your to-do list. I will see you next Sunday!

Yours truly,


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