Surviving winter

Winter is here. At least in Scotland. It has gotten freezing suddenly and I don’t think that anyone is ready to accept the cold, dark winter days yet. Well, I’m not at least. But thanks to the crazy snowstorm we had in Scotland when I moved here in 2017, I’ve learned a few things to survive the cold. So whether you prefer the summer or get cold easily, I hope these tips will help you feel better prepared against the winter weather!


For everyone that isn’t from the UK, the most common stereotype about UK residents is that they do not heat their houses because they are cheap. I’m not saying that’s the case, however I have found some truth to it. But the reason is very simple: heating is expensive and houses are not well insulated. So many people think it’s better to have the heating off and only turn it on here and there. However, it’s actually cheaper to leave your heating on pretty much constantly at a lower setting.

If you decide to boost the heating at a very high setting, it’s going to use a lot of energy to warm up a cold house. However, if you keep it at a constant warmth, it won’t use as much energy to keep it at that temperature because the house is already warm. It’s also better for your house and avoiding different problems such as mould. So use this technique if you want to save money and not freeze to death!

Wrap up

When the temperatures drop, the bugs and flus usually rise. If you want to avoid getting sick, one of the most important things to do is to wrap up. Winter is the season to rock your cute hats and gloves. Scarves will become your best friend when it comes to avoiding a sore throat and bronchitis. If you don’t already own one, get yourself a really warm and cosy winter coat.

You can also layer your clothes if chunky, warm knits aren’t your thing or if you want to winter-proof your summer wardrobe. If you like wearing dresses, wear thick tights, boots and ankle warmers (if you like). You can also wear a long sleeved top and tights under regular clothes to make them more winter appropriate. And although it might not be as fashionable, cover your ankles! The amount of people you can see walking around with bare ankles during the winter is insane. So if you want to avoid getting very ill, stay warm and stay covered! Just remember that you can take off your coat once you’re inside to show off your impeccable style.

Winter foods

For me, winter is synonymous with comfort foods. Who wants to eat a cold, light salad when it’s snowing outside? Not me. Many of us enjoy hearty, warm meals during those cold, dark winter months. And we often tend to put on a little bit of weight. But before you panic, putting on few kilos over the winter isn’t the end of the world. On the contrary, it’s your body’s way of protecting itself from the cold. This doesn’t mean that you should only eat junk food and watch Netflix all day. But if you want that mac and cheese, you get yourself that mac and cheese!

Winter drinks

Winter is probably my favourite season. Not because of the cold or the short days, but for that feeling you get when you’re at home, all cosied up on your couch with scented candles lit around you and a large mug of hot chocolate in your hands. It’s the perfect season for hot drinks, whether you like tea, hot chocolate, coffee or anything else. I am considering getting a tea or hot chocolate Advent Calendar by Whittard – which probably won’t happen because they are quite expensive. There are many kinds of tea you can have that will make you feel very cosy. However, my favourite winter drink is a hot chocolate, but the real way. Grab a saucepan, heat up some milk and add chocolate to it. I prefer using a milk chocolate tablet, but I’m sure you can use dark and white chocolate too. I’ll be trying this with lactose-free milk this time so we’ll see how it goes!

Warm bed

There is no better feeling in the world than getting into bed after a long day. Especially when it’s cold and your bed is cosy and warm. So do yourself a favour before the weather gets really miserable, and make your bed the most comfortable ever. The first step: cosy pjs. Preferably, cute Christmas ones. Then get a warm duvet – or if you have a summer and a winter duvet, swap over to your warm duvet. Get some soft bed sheets and put some cozy throw blankets on your bed. It gets quite cold where I live so having my warm duvet with a cosy throw on top and my winter pjs is perfect for winter.

Dark mornings

My least favourite part of winter is the dark mornings. I already find it hard to get up in the morning so when it’s still night outside, it makes it even harder to climb out of bed. When my alarm goes off during the winter, I turn on my bedside table to trick myself into thinking it’s bright and time to get up. I also try to have a good morning routine that will help me wake up and get into a good, productive mood. Also, I can’t stress enough how important breakfast is. Especially when it’s cold outside, our bodies need more fuel to keep us warm. So have a warm drink and something filling to start your day off right.


And finally, winter is the season of holidays. There are so many holidays during winter – in the northern hemisphere at least since they have opposite seasons south of the equator. But wherever you are in the world, I’m sure there’s a holiday for you. Whether you celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Saint Nicholas, Christmas, New Year, the 6th of January (“la Fête des Rois” or “el Día de Reyes”), etc. So whether or not you like winter, get excited for all these special days!

These are all my tips for surviving winter! Please let me know if you’ve got any of your own! No matter how you feel about winter, there is something in it for everyone. Whether it’s the leaves changing colour, the colourful lights, pumpkin spice everything or the Christmas magic, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Thanks for reading this far anyway! I hope you have a lovely week and I’ll see you next Sunday!

Yours truly,


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