Being sick

This is not the post I was planning on posting this week. However, I am sick. I’ve had some kind of bad cold that’s been going on for days and that is forcing me to stay home. I also didn’t have a good sleep last night and was up for two hours. So if this post is complete gibberish, please excuse me.

As I’m writing this, I have gone through more packs of tissues than I can count and have overall just been feeling very shit. So in light of the situation, I thought I could share with you some things that you can – and should – do when you are ill. This post is not going to be very long unfortunately, but if you do happen to be sick in the future and are looking for some tips, I’m sure you’ll be grateful it isn’t!

Please excuse the really bad picture, my sick brain couldn’t do better than this


When you are ill, your body is fighting off a virus or an illness of some sort. This is exhausting so make sure you rest loads to help your body get better faster. Stay in bed or get cosy on the couch, take naps and chill. Try to avoid doing work and sleep as much as you want to/can. This is the time to not set an alarm!

Take time off

There is a reason that it is called “calling in sick“. If you are ill and don’t feel able to go to work or uni, let them know. There is no point in forcing yourself to go. All you’ll end up doing is feel worse, take longer to recover and get others sick. If you are ill, take time off and focus on yourself. It’s the perfect time for some self-care!

Stay warm

Wear your cosiest pyjamas, fluffy socks and wrap yourself up in a warm blanket! Stay in bed or bring your blankets and pillows to your sofa and watch your favourite movies.

Stay hydrated

The number 1 thing you will hear and be told when you are ill is to stay hydrated. I struggle with this on a regular basis and even more so when I’m sick. However, you have to force yourself to drink. The best way I found was to just keep a full bottle or jug of water nearby so that I don’t have to get up and put much effort into staying hydrated. Have herbal teas too, especially ones that can help with your symptoms.

But this also goes for your skin! My lips, face and hands have been so dry since I’ve gotten sick. So apply all the moisturiser and lip balm, I promise it’ll make you feel so much better! And if you’re constantly blowing your nose and it’s raw and painful, use some kind of healing cream (I use Bepanthen). This will soothe it instantly.


When you’re ill, eating becomes a chore. You can’t taste anything, swallowing is painful and sometimes, just the sight of food makes your stomach turn. However, just as staying hydrated is important, giving your body nutrients to fight off the disease is too! Ideally, eating healthy foods will also benefit you. I like to get smoothies to get all my vitamins in – I’ve just bought this green one from Innocent called “Invigorate” and honestly? It’s amazing. Just have a small cup once ot twice a day.

But of course, you might crave something that isn’t super healthy. We all need comfort food every now and then. And don’t feel bad if you do end up getting take-away. I had McDonald’s the first day I was sick. But when you’re having your worst days, having a simpler, “healthier” meal will make you feel much better.

Have provisions

Don’t be like me and run out of tissues when you have a cold. You will not want to be running out of things you need, such as juice, tissues and meds, if you’re snuggled up at home. Especially if you have no one there to go to the shop for you! So if you – or someone else – manage to go buy a few things, make sure you get enough of everything to last you.

Avoid contact

Illnesses can spread very easily, especially colds and flus. And you know the basics: cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough! For the sake of your loved ones, try to avoid getting too close. Don’t share a bed or glass with them, don’t sit too close to them when you’re talking and don’t hug or kiss them. I know you feel like shit and want some TLC, but getting someone else sick is not fair. Do you really want them to feel as bad as you do right now? And think of it this way: if they get sick, then who will make food and run to the shops for you?

So here it is, my short post about being sick. I’m sorry it isn’t as good as usual, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. I hope you enjoyed it and that these tips will be helpful to you for this winter season. Go follow me on Instagram and let me know what your tips are for when you are sick. I was about to post this and realised I forgot to sign it off! I hope you will have a better week – and brain – than me! See you next Sunday.

Yours truly,


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